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Metal Mage

An agent of change awakens!


Metal Mage follows Kestrel Alras, a rather odd bot. It is a series of destinies, the meddling of powers political, sinister and much higher, and the story of perhaps not the meaning of life, but having meaning in life, short or long as it may be.


Delve into the world of Lenida as the android Kestrel Alras seeks the secret of immortality! It begins with Metal Mage Issue 1!

AURA: The Remnant

Memories are but remnants of humanity's struggles.


Armed with pistols, a katana, and her sometimes-sarcastic British accent, Cale and her small metallic partner Dub seek to understand the mysteries and difficulties of the world, and protect the innocent as the needed Drifters. 

Adventurer Guide

Welcome to Lenida, a world of adventure and grave danger, a world of mystery and wonder.


The brave Adventurer Guilds, Monster Hunter Guilds and assorted unlicensed freelancers blaze trails of legend across its surface while seeking to finish their assignments, no matter the cost. These are their words, their rules, their stories.