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Art bottom right by Chalollita

Team Members

Adam Lewis LaValley

Adam Lewis LaValley was born in Minnesota, and is co-founder of First Taste Multimedia, LLC. If his fun energy doesn't get to you, perhaps his philosophical and colorful imagination for stories will! He is passionate in telling stories for the joy of it. 

Micah Raymond Maloney

Micah Raymond Maloney is a retail professional born in Minnesota, and co-founder of First Taste Multimedia, LLC. An addict of language, story, and escapism, he is driven to produce and promote new works with a fresh view in every genre, and to elevate the standard of equality and excellence across various media.

Dylan Keefer

Dylan Keefer is the writer of Drakon Forge. He works as a web designer / developer during the day. Writing has always been his true dream and true passion. He has yet to publish any of his work so that's why he’s here to see his dream become reality and get Drakon Forge published.

Carmen Lim

Carmen Lim, also known as Rui, is a freelance artist from Malaysia.
As a comic lover since young age, she aims to become a comic artist.
She is currently drawing fan-comics and original comics, uploading them online to improve her skills.

Emiko Kouji

Emiko Kouji is a professional Japanese freelance artist. Her style focuses on anime and realism, and she is an author / illustrator of her own manga. Emiko's works are full of color and emotion!

Siska Hoeny

Siska Hoeny began drawing ever since elementary school, and it became her passion when she went to university in Surabaya, Indonesia. That's when she has decided to become a freelance illustrator, sharing a different style of cute and moe!

Richa Anggreani

Richa "Chalollita" is an Indonesian artist focusing on anime and semi-realistic style. She currently studies Visual Communication Design at Nusantara University. She aims to be a professional illustrator and a teacher.

Sisca Angreani

Sisca Angreani is an artist / illustrator based in Surabaya, Indonesia. Her illustrations are dreamy and full of fantasy colors and cute characters. In 2015 she graduated from University of Surabaya. She is truly passionate about her creative artworks and wants to make a full-time living from art.


Sughén is a Spanish artist and freelance illustrator. Her style is realistic or semi-realistic, with subjects of character design and an abundance of romanticism / women in her works, and also classical studies from life. She looks to live off her work.


Known as Jun Project, or simply JunP, Jundullah Hizbu Muhammad is a freelance artist from Indonesia since 2013, and has worked with many companies independently. Jun aims to be a professional artist after he graduates from college.

Esther GO

"Esgalor" is an artist from Spain. She is mostly self-taught, and her style is focused on semi-realism and fantasy themed drawings, though she loves to experiment with many styles. Her dream is to become a video game designer.


Punix is a Thailand artist who is always looking for new inspiration everyday. He began drawing cartoons like crazy when he was impressed by a great anime. He hasn't stopped learning and developing his style for years. Punix's dream is to work with the world's greatest animation studio, Pixar Animation Studios.


An artist from Thailand, Kosoke Jarurnmit has been working on comics ever since he was a kid. In school he started with simple stories drawn in a notebook, and has been working on comic illustrations for 20 years.

Art top left by Hikariin.   


Storytelling is not just important to us, it is important for the growth of our future generations. Stories through art make the flavors of reality a bit more enjoyable. 
First Taste Multimedia, LLC. is our own little "café" where artists and writers come together to work on unique projects.
Each of our projects and stories is created with imagination, fun, and most importantly heart. We touch upon emotions and diverse genres, and pay homage to Eastern and Western styles of art. As a multimedia company, we create stories through different mediums such as comics, books, and animation.
First Taste Multimedia was officially established as a company by Adam Lewis LaValley and Micah Raymond Maloney in September of 2015.
Both raised in Minnesota, Adam and Micah are searching the world to team up with talented individuals and bring new aspects to storytelling: learning new skills, sharing culture, and collaborating on stories that will last generations.
First Taste Multimedia is family who support one another, and it does not matter if you do not draw. You are welcome to join us and share your passions!
The First Taste Team



"The colors of the world depend upon your imagination."

- Anonymous