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AURA: The Remnant

A story by: Adam Lewis LaValley

Inflicted with a rare disease at birth, and having watched her mother pass away, Cale ran at the age of 12 to escape her sorrows. She did not, however, see herself become the fear of the world; a member of the mercenary cell Kurosukaru.


Even after committing terrible deeds, Cale is given a second chance at life when an ancient organization known as the Drifters opens her to the light. Now, Cale and her angel-winged Mechon partner, named "Dub", must fight for the good of the world before its cultures and memories are lost.


Armed with pistols, a katana, and Cale's sometimes-sarcastic British accent, the duo seeks to understand the mysteries and difficulties of the world, and protect the innocent as the needed Drifters. 

Metal Mage

A story by: Micah Raymond Maloney

Metal Mage follows Kestrel Alras, a rather odd bot. It is a series of destinies, the meddling of powers political, sinister and much higher, and the story of perhaps not the meaning of life, but having meaning in life, short or long as it may be.


It starts with Kestrel's creation as the last android masterpiece of Jerith Alras, who passes away shortly after she is activated. Before he passes, as a result of her creation and the meddling of higher powers, she expresses her desire to solve the dilemma of losing those she might grow to care for as she learns he is dying.


When he tries to console her, her fierce determination drives her to learn there may be a way: through magic! Thus, Kestrel buries her Father and begins to learn how to become a mage with the hopes of finding a way to make others live as long as she will.


Her path is uncharted by anything her father had left to teach her, but with some effort (and more meddling), she finds herself not only finding out that she is capable of casting magic, but about to be embroiled in a war for the future of Tesaria.

Hasaki: The Broken World

A story by: Adam Lewis LaValley

Synopsis coming soon!


A story by: Adam Lewis LaValley

Synopsis coming soon!